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  • Dr Reynolds performed an ACL reconstruction and everything went very smoothly. I had no complications, minimal scarring, and a fairly quick recovery. I hope I never have to have a another orthopedic surgery, but if I do, I will be sure to go to him.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Reynolds IV has done two knee replacements for me and I have had excellent results with both. He takes time to answer my questions no matter how frivolous they might be. He is, in my opinion a wonderful doctor. Thank you Dr. Reynolds

    ~ Elizabeth Copeland ~

  • Hey just want to thank dr. again he was very nice and professional with all my care. Healed up great with Laconte hospital Thearpy center. They were awesome to. Rotater cuff surgery was almost pain less. Would highly recommend Dr. John M Reynolds for surgeries. Good job

    ~ Gary Paquette ~

  • Dr. Reynolds and staff were very easy to talk to and communicated each step from surgery through recovery clearly.

    ~ Alex Webb ~

  • Dr. Reynolds was the best. Great recovery. No scarring hardly. Very patient. I never felt rushed in our discussions about my wellbeing. Highly recommend.

    ~ Michael Trueblood ~

  • Very caring; takes time to explain everything; excellent care with surgery and afterwards. I have recommended him to others.

    ~ Mary Josvai ~

  • Very goo surgeon. He was my surgeon for shoulder, wife's for knee, and son's for his knee as well.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

  • Dr. Reynolds took great care of me from my surgery all the way up until my release 4 months later.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

  • He did a wonderful good on my knee and turn a bad situation ie having to have knee surg in to a great experience. He was also very kind to my family postoperative in letting them ask questions and taking the time to talk to them while I was in recovery. It would be impossible to Express how grateful...

    ~ William Swaggerty ~

  • Dr. Reynolds was great. He showed care and did and amazing job repairing my knee

    ~ Wes Porter ~

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