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  • I was very thankful for my visit with Dr. Reynolds. He took time to listen to my concerns and then gave me choices as to how to move forward. Thank you
    Dr Reynolds🥰

    ~ Rebekah Bencanaan ~

  • This doctor understood about an “old lady” in pain with a knee injury. He explained everything very clearly. Seemed to really care about me as an individual. He took time to really TALK to me and LISTEN to me. He did not rush, made me feel very good. Definitely would recommend him .

    ~ ann hubbard ~

  • All very nice there

    ~ Thomas Mansk ~

  • Everyone very nice and very friendly and the office was very clean.

    ~ Rachel Perkins- Widener ~

  • Caring

    Dr. Reynolds is a very caring, compassionate doctor. However the best thing is what a superb surgeon he is. I had a knee replacement done and the doctor did it wrong and it hurt for 10 years. I came to Dr Reynolds, he redid my knee And now I have absolutely no pain!!!

    ~ Myra ~

  • Expert Surgeon

    Fixed my shoulder. Couldn't be better.

    ~ Self-Verified Patient ~

  • Thank you!!

    Excellent! Listened to me and and after treatment I can walk without pain for the first time in months. I am so thankful. Also got appointment very promptly. Thank you, Dr Reynolds.

    ~ Susan ~

  • New knee

    Follow up knee. A year later, the review simply tells a great story of living with a new knee. The best compliment is that I rarely think about my knee nor do I remember or think about the pain I used to live with.

    ~ Mike Gathman ~

  • Always excellent

    Dr Reynolds is seeing me for a recurrent shoulder issue and is thorough and answers all my questions then sets out a care plan that I feel confident will relieve my pain!!

    ~ Bob M ~

  • Dr. Reynolds us Fantastic!

    Our visit was fast and easy. My son broke his collar bone and Dr. Reynolds was not only super knowledgeable, but he was kind and humble and caring. Great bedside manner. Easy to talk to and had time for questions. He was also super kind to his staff w...

    ~ Rachel Best ~

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