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    Comments: I went to see Dr. Reynolds in the fall of 2018 because I was experiencing shoulder pain. He gave me an injection into the shoulder and prescribed physical therapy. After about 8-12 weks of PT my shoulder was feeling better but in the fall of 2019 the pain had returned. In January 2020 I had a second MRI on my shoulder (the first one in the fall of 2018 did not show any tear in the shoulder) and this time there appeared a slight tear in the rotator cuff. We decided to go with surgery at this time and in late February 2020 my shoulder was operated upon. I just completed 13 weeks of PT and the shoulder is feeling much, much better. I met with Dr. Reynolds yesterday for the fourth time since surgery and we discussed the progress I had made and what to expect in the future. He informed me that a complete recovery would take several months with additional work on my own with home exercises. That said he released me from further PT and urged me to continue working on stretches on my own.