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Patient Testimonials

  • I haven’t yet gone through with the surgery; it is in 3 days. I have a dislocated kneecap and a ruptured patella. My entire pre-surgery consultation made me very comfortable with Dr. Reynolds and the TOC team. He didn’t seem rushed in the least. I felt all my concerns were answered satisfactoril...

    ~ Dave Williams ~

  • Last saw Dr. Reynolds over 20 years ago for a rotator cuff injury. Recently re-injured the same shoulder and thought of him first. He is still a consummate professional who knows his specialty very well. I would recommend him to anyone who has a shoulder injury.

    ~ David H ~

  • Was pleased with my experience with Dr Reynolds and his staff. I had a torn cartledge and the surgery was successful. I would recommend him for anyone needing Orthopedic care.

    ~ Ethel Trent ~

  • I was impressed with how efficiently the TOC staff worked. I did not have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen and the entire process took less than 20 minutes. Dr. Reynolds was very helpful as well.

    ~ John Felton ~

  • Tremendous team of people led by Dr. Reynolds. The replacement of my knee exceeded my expectations by a mile. Surgical procedure excellent, pain management excellent, post OP care excellent, physical therapy excellent. Pre OP information and instructions spot on. I am eager to get my other knee do...

    ~ Patrick Finley ~

  • I was seen within 10 minutes of arrival at clinic. Dr. Reynolds answered all of my questions about knee replacement surgery, and I was very pleased with the appointment. I recommend Tennessee Orthopedic Clinic to anyone wanting a timely appointment and concerned staff who take time to answer all que...

    ~ Brenda Mcginnis ~

  • He was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable - all the traits you want in your doctor. He answered all my questions and explained all options while taking the time to do so. Can’t say anything about his surgery or post surgery skills. If I do get to that point, I’ll supplement this revie...

    ~ Sedat Goluoglu ~

  • He got me in and out of my visit! I have to get an MRI done to see if there is more damage than they can see on the X-ray. He said my elbow seems to be ok, but it still hurts. I’m hopeful that they will get me in to get an MRI soon!

    ~ Emily Hudson ~

  • My experience was great from the time i walked in the office from the time i left.. Dr. Reynolds answered all my questions about my knee pain and explained everything in details. Thanks Dr. Reynolds

    ~ Kendra Shadden ~

  • Everyone was super friendly. I saw the doctor and was scheduled for an MRI and follow up appointment.

    ~ Ruth Brown ~

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